Incorporating a New Business – We can as well help with all of this!

  • You can hire legal council to do this all for you – however if wanting to save a few $’s; purchase the Alberta Incorporation binder from any local registry, fill it out then file your own directly with registries
    • You will be assigned a #’d Alberta Company name unless you do a Nuans search for a specific company name
  • Alberta Registries now submits all paperwork to CRA and you are then assigned a BN# (CRA Business #)
    • Common misconception: Although you are assigned a BN# – you still need to open your RC (Corporate Tax) RT (GST) or RP (Payroll) accounts directly with CRA.
      • Example: 12345 6789 is JUST your BN # – 12345 6789 RT0001 is your GST#
    • Your fiscal year end is established upon the filing of your first T2 – Corporate tax return.
      • You are allowed to pick any month as your fiscal year end – many people opt out of the Dec 31 so they have opportunity to declare dividends in either year.